Residential Pond & Water-garden Services

Thames Valley Aquatic Services have been constructing and maintaining residential ponds and water features for over 25 years and are 'true' specialists in this field with a reputation for quality services.

Pond construction was always the 'core business' but recent changes in business direction due to an increased volume of maintenance contracts have seen a move away from large construction projects; however we still provide consultancy services to help you get things right if you are planning or building your own pond.

We provide a professional pond cleaning service for when your pond is silty and dirty or when plants are becoming over-grown or we can install filtration systems to combat cloudy water in fish ponds or provide planting schemes to naturally balance ornamental or wildlife ponds.

Our residential aquatic services include;

  • Pond cleaning & clearance
  • Pond maintenance
  • Pond planting schemes
  • Filter system maintenance and installation
  • Pumps and UV filters
  • Water features
  • Leak investigation and liner repair
  • Fish health and water quality advisory services
  • Pond construction consultancy services

For further information on our residential services please call us on 0118 9697224 or email us through the 'contact us' page