Lake & River Maintenance and Management

Thames Valley Aquatic Services are specialists in large pond and lake management and provide a comprehensive range of services covering both development and maintenance of new and existing ponds and lakes. From initial consultancy, native and ornamental aquatic planting schemes for new waters through to silt surveys and mechanical de-silt projects on old ponds we can almost certainly help with your enquiries.

We also undertake small river and stream maintenance work including aquatic plant management, weed cutting, bank repairs and snag removal / tree works.

'Before' and 'immediately after' aquatic plant control on a feeder stream.

Our lake and river services include;

  • Emergent aquatic plant control on lakes and rivers.
  • Manual submerged weed cutting on lakes and rivers.
  • Bankside tree coppicing / pollarding.
  • Snag removal.
  • Planting beds in Nicospan or coir
  • Bank repairs.
  • Silt surveys and microchalk application.
  • Mechanical de-silts.
  • Bio-diversity enhancement.
  • Non-native species control.
  • Submerged weed control using fish.
  • Consultancy services and reports.

For more lake management services please see our fisheries services page, email us via the 'contact us' page or call us on 0118 9697224.