Fisheries Services

Thames Valley Aquatic Services are professional fish health consultants approved by the Environment Agency to perform Section 30 health checks to meet the requirements under Section 30 of the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act (1975) for the stocking of fish into waters. We also carry out parasitilogical examinations for survey data and mortality investigations.

Clients using this service include the Environment Agency, angling clubs, fishery consultants, fish farms and fish suppliers throughout the south of the country and beyond.

We are HND Fish Farming and Fishery Management qualified and are also running and developing our own Fishery ( so can provide a comprehensive range of other fisheries services from netting and electro-fishing to micro-chalk application, snag removal, bankside maintenance and swim construction.

We will, as necessary, obtain all required Environment Agency liciences for fish removals or stocking we carry out.

Our fisheries services include;

  • Fish health checks for stocking consents (Environment Agency approved).
  • Fish parasite investigations for survey data or mortality investigations.
  • Fish identification.
  • Netting and electro-fishing services.
  • Manual control of invasive aquatic plants.
  • Water quality / dissolved oxygen testing.
  • Silt mapping and analysis.
  • Micro-chalk application and water quality treatments.
  • Mechanical de-silt works.
  • Bankside maintenance and repair.
  • Snag removal and tree works.
  • Swim construction, bridges and fencing works.
  •  Marginal protection zones and fish refuges.
  • Weed cutting on rivers.
  • Native aquatic planting schemes.
  • Non-native species.
  • Water-fowl and wildlife management.
  • Fish rescues.

We cannot mention here all of our fisheries services available so if you cannot see the service you require please look at the lake management page or give us a call on 0118 9697224 or email through the 'contact us' page.